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You want to develop and retain young talents

You hired a group of graduates. You are an ambition organisation that wants to make an impact in the world. You want to disrupt. Do things differently. Be sustainable. And: you want to grow. You need the future leaders! But you are aware of the war on talent that is going on. Not to mention the job-hopping of young people. And their demands of a workplace. You want to develop and retain the young talent. But you wonder: ‘How do I do that exactly? What works well?’

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Is this you?
  • You worry that you might lose the job-hopping generation to a competitor with a higher bid. 

  • You want to retain young talent in your organisation. You put (a lot of) money into acquisition. And you don’t necessarily want to repeat that very soon.

  • The line managers in your organisation are busy. They are a big part in guiding young professionals. But you worry: 'Is that is enough?'

  • You are aware that young professionals need guidance and development in this phase of their career. But you wonder: ‘How? And what works best?’

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Yup, there he goes. Potential CFO of the company. How to prevent his?

What's next

Young talent is scarce. Maybe it was already a massive challenge to hire them in the first place. The population is aging so the scarcity remains a fact. Younger generations have a lot of choice to find companies that match with their values. So what would happen if you did nothing? If your young talent is gone in a few months to get promoted somewhere else? How would that impact your business?

Become an employer of choice today

I can help you out. I offer guidance for organisations to develop and retain young talent. I provide trainingprogrammes, workshops and coaching to develop young professionals. This meets their needs for growth and personal development.

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Training programme

Guidance to develop young professionals from insecure starters to independent professionals. Focus on soft skills and personal development.


Short interventions to upskill young professionals.

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Guidance for young professionals who feel stuck. Stress management and career choices.

Let's chat.

Do you want to learn more about how to develop young talent the right way? Or learn more about my services? Please get in touch! Let's chat. I am looking forward to get to know you and your organisation.

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