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Is this you?

At work you are all smiles, but you’re secretly hanging on by your fingertips. Did you put your 100% into it? What more could you have done for better results? A mere 7 counts as a 1 in your book. You constantly doubt yourself. Your head is running over.

How nice would it be to be fully satisfied with your results for once? To avoid deadline stress? To think for one time: “That’s all I’ve been able to do about it. It’s the best it can be.” To be proud of what you’ve accomplished. That you’ve just perfected the project, and it’s your full right to have a round of drinks on it on Friday afternoon. And to not have to give it a single more thought during the weekend.

You can!

And I want to help you. In my programme of 8 online one-on-one coaching sessions, I will help you make alternative choices. The sessions are 1 hour each.


You’ve worked so hard to find this answer. And you’ve probably already tried several things. You just don’t know yet where to look for structural change. Together, we’re going to find a more secure, more relaxed you.

The programme is an investment of £ 799 in total

(no VAT to pay).

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Yes, I would like to learn more

What's in it for you

You don’t have to change who you are. That is because you are already good enough! With coaching you learn to understand yourself better. You do learn where your triggers lie. And what you can do to cope with it in a different manner. You become yourself fully, in a new balance. Concretely, that means:


You’ll trade tension for contentment at work. Your bursting head and feeling of panic will change into ease and satisfaction with the work you’ve done. You can let go of work at the end of the day.


You’ll learn how to deliver high-quality work without sacrificing all your spare time. You can even opt for taking nights off and catching your breath. Really, you will. Believe me, you’ll live and you won’t be sacked.

Making impact

Days that drain you will be replaced with days that give you energy. You’ll learn to utilize your strengths. You also will explore your values. You will feel confident about the way you want to make an impact in this world. You will actually starting to create the life you want to live.


There is nothing wrong with you. You will feel self-esteem and confidence. That enables you to create the impact in this world that you want to make. You will go from overthinking to action. And that will bring so much fulfillment in your life!

Let me help you to live a happy and fulfilled life
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Here is how it works

In the sessions I guide you from tension to more self-esteem and chill. This is an outline of the coaching trajectory. These steps are proven to create a real and deep impact in your life. Are you ready for it?

  1. Goal setting: you define what you want to get out of the coaching.

  2. Awareness: we start making clear what is missing now. What exactly is the core of the problem?

  3. Deeper dive: you rationally already know what steps you can take. But there is still something stuck. Otherwise you wouldn't need help. We dive into that block. What is happening there?

  4. Shift: when something is stuck in our lives, we often have unconscious beliefs. We explore yours and I help you shift them to more helpful ones.

  5. Experiment: You experiment with actions and the mindset that help you to your goals. You apply them in your daily life.

  6. Preserve: Okay, you see change in your life. You experiment with the new tools and mindset. But daily life is challenging. You have setbacks. 'Oops I did it again' moments. I guide you to stay on the right track and being kind to yourself in the process.

I’m your honest, friendly and safe nudge in the right direction.

Code of Ethics

I will abide by the Code of Ethics and the Code of Ethical Practice as determined by the Association for Coaching and the Academy of Executive Coaching. Copies of these standards are available on request.

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What others say
Image by Liubov Ilchuk

Marlien’s coaching gave me a lot of insights and tools.

She is very capable in connecting cognitive coaching with body oriented exercises. Every session had a relaxed beginning and end.

Image by Alex Perri

Marlien helped me to make major progress in quite a short time. We got to the core of my struggle. I really got a lot of insight into my own emotions and how I can deal with them. I recommend Marlien to anyone who wants a better understanding of themselves! 

Image by Ren Ran

I'm more self aware. It is easier for me to let things go and be kinder to myself. I push myself more now to get out my comfort zone (for example, speaking up during meetings).


Marlien has a true talent for guiding you without judgement. She teaches you techniques to use when you need support. She helps you believe you can do it! I experienced some real positive changes in my life. She is 100% recommended.

I have some questions first

Gotcha. There are a lot of questions you can have before you dive into a purchase of a coaching program. Let's have a chat together. I provide a free discovery call. In this session you get to know me a bit, and I get to know you. You can ask all your questions and I can advise you on how you can make a step forward. No strings attached.

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