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Driven Young Professionals



I like to talk more then I like to write. So I thought, why not share my tips and insights that way? So know there is a podcast! So 2022. Check it out here.

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How to reduce perfectionism at work

Your drive is to deliver good quality. You put a lot of time in work. Too much, if you are honest. You just can't bear the thought that something is not good enough! You want a bit more balance, because this is costing you energy. Check out this episode.

How to stop procrastination

Procrastination, men, it impacted my life a lot. Mainly when I was a student. That was a period where I had no structure in my life and needed to figure it out myself. I felt so stressed around these deadlines! Working until 3 AM to finish papers... Madness. Now, I have a different relationship with procrastination. And it's way less in my life. Let me share with you how.

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