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This is one of the biggest energy drains for Gen-Z: and how to avoid it.

The youngest generation in the workforce wants to grow. Fast. Development is super important to them. So they desire rapid promotion in your organisation. That is a reason to stay. And also, if there are not enough opportunities, a reason to go.


One of the biggest turn-offs for young professionals is: promising roles that are not there. You paint a great picture about opportunities in the hiring process. But in the end, the reality is different. Young people immediately see through that. Don’t promise stuff you can’t realize. That is hugely demotivating.

It's not only about promotion

It does not mean that you need to promote everyone tomorrow. Maybe the young professional is not ready yet. Maybe you don't have enough roles available. That is simply reality. And there is no problem with that! The lack of transparency about it is. Maybe you can't guarantee them a quick promotion. But you can guarantee them transparency.

Maybe you can't guarantee young professionals a quick promotion. But you can guarantee them transparency.

Be transparent about perspective

Have an open conversation with them. About their value. About the options you see. And about a realistic time frame. Ask what growth means to them (maybe they are growing and developing more than they realize!) And if they are there: offer other opportunities to develop on a horizontal level. You will be appreciated for your honesty.

Are you transparent about growth opportunities to young professionals?

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