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Plan your failure

At the start of the year I had a resolution. I wanted to lose weight. My motivation for that is my rowing routine. During 2022 I built a rhythm of rowing four times a week. I really felt myself getting stronger! But I wasn't supporting that strength with healthy food. And that affected my performance in the boat. So; I decided to lose weight and eat healthier. That was not a resolution: that was a decision. I made a thorough plan. I analyzed what happened in 2022. I decided how I want to behave. I plan meals ahead every month. I am now, surprisingly, ahead of my weight loss schedule. I feel healthy and strong! And the most important gain: I trust myself that I can follow through. Self-esteem through the roof! The reason why I succeed: I planned my failure. I realized: I am not going to be perfect at this. My weak spot is crisps. I get such a craving in salty snacks just before dinner time! I knew that I couldn't stop that 100%. I am only human. So I made a schedule for loosing weight that anticipated bad days. I planned the whole of 2023 to loose weight slowly and steady. With room for failure.

I don't beat myself up when I have a bad day. I don't expect myself to be perfect. And that helps to follow through. Because there goes so much mental energy in beating yourself up!! When I give in to my craving, I feel bad for a minute, but then I am alright. I know for sure that I will have days soon. I translate this lesson to other areas in my life. Not expecting that I can be perfect 100%. Planning room for failure. And fully accepting that. It prevents your mind from beating yourself up because: it is part of the planning. When you apply that in work or other projects that you pick up, you can bounce back way more easy after a bad day.

Free webinar coming up!

Fearless choices

You know that this current job is not the answer anymore. But you don't know your next move. You think about it a lot. One day you feel option A is the best, the other day you feel you should go for B. You can't come to a decision! You feel stuck. Is this you:​

  • You are unhappy in your current role. But you tell yourself that life is not so bad and you shouldn't complain.

  • You are repeating the same thoughts, but you don't reach a decision.

  • You feel anxious and restless; you want to decide! But something feels stuck.

  • You don't know what you really like.

  • And you feel this for months now, if you are honest.

In a free webinar I will give you tools how to decide. You will explore why you are stuck, what helps you to unstuck and how to make choices that give rest. The result is relief and the headspace to take action! Dates in April and May. Sign up here!

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