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Plan the end of your workday

Do you feel you chase a never-ending to-do list? Do you often work many hours to catch up with everything you have to do? And are you tired of that, and do you want more rest and ease of mind? Something that can help is to plan the end of your workday.


A while ago, I never planned the end of my workday. My tasks and responsibilities decided when work stopped. I took my time to do my work thoroughly. When I wasn’t finished, I decided to use the evening to work more. And when the evening wasn’t enough, I decided to sleep less. To me, that felt like the only option. It needs to be finished, right?! At the same time, I didn’t want to work until late. I wanted to chill. Go for drinks with friends. Relax with my boyfriend. Read a book or watch a movie. Enjoy life, basically!


One of the things I do now is planning the end of my workday. For example, today, I am going to finish at 6 PM. I made a realistic plan for what I can achieve today. And I try not to spend too much time on my tasks. Did something take more time? I'll finish it tomorrow. Did I plan too much for today? I am not going to finish the tasks tonight. I am planning it for another moment and learn how I can be more realistic next time.

My own free time is just as valuable as my work responsibilities. I have a say in when I want to stop working. And that is really a relief! With that mindset, I am able to end on time. That way, I can go to a meetup tonight here in London, have fun and meet new people! Enjoying life.

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