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Not sure where you good at? Ask yourself this.

Where are you good at?

How hard is it for you to answer that question? Or does this feel very awkward when you have a job interview? Or when your manager asks you this?

Not really knowing the answer can feel a bit insecure.

''Do I perform well enough? Everyone is better then me... I am not really standing out, right?''

The good news is: your talent is not far away.

Lately I realized how easy talents come to the surface. I worked as a barista for 8 months. I enjoyed it a lot. My natural talent to connect with people was very clear. I was at my best if I could host and serve the coffees. I chatted with regular customers. I ask about their day. I liked it when I remember their drink. After three weeks they felt like I worked there for years. I make them feel welcome. And I didn't have to put effort in for that.

This is one of my core talents that I bring in every job.

A few years ago, I would not really say this was 'a talent.’ I would think: ''But everyone can chat with people! How is that a standing out? How is that adding value?'' But it is a brilliant talent that I can use in many ways. I trust on it. And when I have an interview or network conversation, I am only happy to share that I am good at it!

Do you want to feel more confident about your talents? Ask yourself this.

Pick a small moment. Does not have to be a whole day or a whole project. Just a tiny aspect of your work.

  • What is a moment at work where I feel I can be myself?

  • What is a moment that I feel in the flow? Things feel quite effortless?

  • How do I behave in a moment like that?

There you have it; your talent.

PS: this is an impression of my skills in latte art when I was a barista. As you can see, this does not come very naturally to me. Ah well, you can't have it all;-)

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