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More thinking will not bring a decision. What does help?

You can stop overthinking your options right now. You struggle to make a decision about something. And you might tell yourself:

  • 'I just need a bit more time to think.'

  • 'I just need a bit more information about my options.'

  • 'If I could go on holiday and have some headspace, then I will feel clarity.'

  • 'If I just..., then...'

More thinking will not lead to a decision. Because overthinking is not the cure to unstuck yourself. The root cause is something else:

So how do you treat the root cause?

To reach a decision that brings rest and relief you need three things:

  • Knowing what it is that you are so afraid of.

  • Knowing what you really, really want.

  • The courage to take a step. Being afraid and do it anyway!

In a free webinar I will help you with exactly these three steps. We are going to untangle the mess in your head! And that will bring clarity, relief and: the headspace to decide.

(And no, you don't need 3 months in a sunny country to discover your True Purpose. A webinar in rainy London will do;-)).


  • Saturday the 6th of May - 09:30 AM London / 10:30 AM Amsterdam

Can't make it? You can sign up anyway and I will send you the recording later!

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