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I don't feel satisfied. Time to celebrate!

Recently, I had a bad week. I felt stressed about my business. I quit my part-time barista job. I am full time in my business. So I thought: 'From now, it is going to fly' Not as fast as I hoped. I believe in the picture and my vision. And it takes time to get there! But in the meantime when I am partly there, I feel stress. In moments like that, I feel disappointed in myself, that I was not successful enough. If I only listen to the stress, I end up looking for a job. And I do not want that. So I knew: it is time to celebrate! Because you know what, if I am in that spiral of 'it is not going well and it is my fault', I forget all about what went well so far. And that is not fair. There is so much that went great already!

I was not really in the mood to celebrate. But I did it anyway. I made a mindmap with all the things that I am happy with. All the things that went well. All the things I learned so far. All the blocks that I felt, but I stepped over them. I never thought I would be a freelancer. I never thought I had the stomach for that. And here I am, still working on my business, and still building on my vision to help Young Professionals to feel self-confident. How. Cool. Is. That?! TIP If you feel that things are not going well, and you blame yourself: try this. Write down all the things that went well! What do you notice?

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