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Holidaytips! How to chill to the max

Is your holiday extended work time, or really chill time? Summertime! While I write this it is bloody hot in the UK. Friday I will be going on holiday for two weeks. And a few years ago, I secretly saw holiday as a time to catch up with stuff. Things that I never had time for during work. For example, reading books about work. And then I would expect myself to read them all. Are you a bit the same? Do you also have a secret list of to do’s for your holiday? For me, it often resulted in a feeling of dissatisfaction. Not really recharged. Not really enjoyed it to the max. And that is not where the holiday is for! How to fully enjoy your holiday with an empty mind and a lot of fun: Before you pack your suitcase, ask yourself this!

  • What would it bring you if you really, really can relax this time? If you have fun, enjoy your time, be in the moment and rest well? How would that benefit your life?

  • Set your intention for the holiday. Allow yourself to really unwind. An intention could be for example: 'I am only going to do stuff that I like.' Or: 'I don't have to wake up early to make the most of the day. I will go with the flow.'

  • Only bring stuff that brings you joy. That one book. Is that a ‘need to read’? Or is it a book that you want to read? Ask yourself: ‘Does this spark joy?’ (that question from Marie Kondo, the organizing guru). No joy? Not in the suitcase!

I am going to take my drawing materials. That is something that I don't take a lot of time for, because work and other things are often busy enough. Maybe you have something like that as well. Something you really like but don't do often. Take it with you! Enjoy your summertime!

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