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From feeling stuck to a dream job: 6 steps

Four years ago I felt unhappy in my job.

I worked as a consultant in the public sector. But I felt that was not the match anymore. I took six steps to go from feeling stuck to landing a great job! Here they are:

Step 1. I paid attention to the things I liked.

There were elements in the job that I loved. Moments that I felt in the flow. For me, that was when there was group facilitation involved. My question was: ''How can I create more of this?''

Step 2. I asked colleagues for advice.

I knew that a few colleagues had experience with the projects I liked. I asked 30 minutes of their time. And I asked them: ''How did you get these projects? What is your advice for me?''

Step 3. I shared my ambitions with my manager.

Every year I had a moment to reflect on my development with management. I shared: ''I want 70% of my time doing the projects I like''. I shared what kind of projects I really enjoyed. That was also the moment that my manager said: ''Well, 70% is a bit much. That is not really the core of our business.'' Well, there was my answer.

And a side note: I did not share that I considered leaving at that stage. I was just figuring out my ambitions. And see if it was a match with the company. These chats gave a lot of clarity! Chatting with people about what you want is super helpful.

Step 4. I listened to my boyfriend.

After my chat with my manager I was unsure what to do. This is not it, but what is my alternative? I thought about it a lot. But I did not have an answer. My boyfriend said one day: ''If you don't like the job, why don't you quit?'' That was great advice.

Step 5. I took a leap of faith.

I quit my job without having a new one. I knew that I would be alright. I just wanted headspace to figure out what I really wanted! That moment, men, I still feel the feels. It felt so powerful to say: ''I quit. This is not a match.'' I took leadership of the situation. That was really a great feeling of relief and new energy!

Step 6. I arranged coffee chats.

I had roughly an idea of the fields that had my interest (but that was still quite vague). I asked around with the question: ''Do you know someone who works in this area?'' I reached out and asked 30 minutes of their time. To hear about their work and their organization. And people wanted to help! I had great conversations. And one of the chats led to my job as a trainer. A job that was a great fit and I enjoyed very much!

What step do you want to take to help you forward?

Unstuck your career

Do you want to learn more? This summer I give a free Summer Bootcamp about 'How to unstuck your career.' Join me to go from feeling stuck to actually unstuck yourself! You can sign up with this link:

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