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Frequenty Asked Questions

Why online coaching?

This coaching programme is exclusively available online. Online coaching helps you and me to, whenever and wherever, solve your issues. Just like in real life, online coaching is a quiet one on one conversation in which I can help you deal with your issues. This lets you attend from the comfort of your own home.

What is your programme’s full run time?

In sum, my programme takes about 3 months. We plan conversations based on both our calendars, and we’ll keep two- to three-week intervals between sessions. This helps you try out the things you learn in the meantime, while we still keep the flow. 

I have a few extra questions that haven’t been answered yet.

Let’s just talk over the phone to discuss those, so you can explain your thoughts, and I can give you some answers. No strings attached, it will be a noncommittal conversation. This will give you a fuller scope to make your choice.

It's clear to me. I’d like to make an appointment

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