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Hey young professional

Everything peachy at work...
You really put your back into it at work. As an eager young professional, you tackle just about anything. Projects, extra responsibilities, after-work drinks, you say ‘yes’! You enjoy full weeks with challenging tasks in which you can improve yourself. You are always cheerful and highly motivated. Your colleagues think you’re an independent mind who’ll make anything work.

...Sour at home
But secretly, you often have feeling of blind panic. That huge load of responsibilities are a heavy burden. You want everything to be perfect. Your workweeks are crammed. So you put in extra hours at nights, or even during the weekends. Compliments? You only hear what needs to be improved. Relaxing and having a good time with friends? Who’s got time for that? You cannot make it stop.
To be honest, you’re knackered.

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How to say 'no' with confidence

In 5 steps

You say 'yes' a lot at work. You want to prove yourself! But you end up with a sh*tload of work. You often wonder: 'Why did I say yes to this!?'

You want to set more boundaries, but how? I have five steps that make you say 'no' with confidence. So you can close your laptop at 5 PM. Enjoy drinks without a to-do list nagging in your mind. How cool would that be?!

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E-book: How to say 'no' with confidence!

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Is this you?

Of course, you don’t want to come across as the clueless rookie. And the hard work really does pay off. You have a good eye for quality. But the perfectionism never ends. Let’s have a call if the situations below ring a bell for you:

  • When deadlines and performance moments approach, your stress levels rise accordingly. You really dread them, because you’re never satisfied with the end result. Long nights for you.

  • Unhappy clients and colleagues is a thing to avoid at all costs. You can hear your clients and colleagues think: “See, we should never have let the rookie do it. They don’t know anything, yet.” Nightmare.

  • Every night, you work your bum off to make the best of it. You hate it, because this has happened time and again. You don't want it, you need a night off and let off some steam! But you must soldier on for now, or it’s going to end in disaster!

  • At nights, in bed, you’re trying to get a grip on everything that you’ve still got to do. But rest is miles away. You feel sad and tired. You tried to plan and manage this, and it failed again.  You don’t know how to solve this anymore!

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Prevent a burn-out

How long do you want to be lived by your work? You’re booking weekend trips to recharge, but you haven’t tackled the source. You get some rest when a deadline has passed, but the next one is already in sight. You can feel yourself slipping already. The built-up stress in your body is starting to take its toll. Either physically or mentally. A short weekend of recharging is no longer enough. You’re heading full-speed towards a bumper stop called ‘burn-out’.

I can guide you from tension to more chill

Calm, cool & collected

Weekly tips and advice in your inbox

Less tension more chill

A free coaching session


Marlien’s coaching was very pleasant. It gave me a lot of insights and tools.

Marlien is very capable in connecting cognitive coaching with body oriented exercises. Every session had a relaxed beginning and end. That’s why I could combine the sessions with my work during the day.

Frank Verputten

Marlien helped me to make major progress in quite a short time. She guided me to get to the core of my struggle. I really got a lot of insight into my own emotions and how I can deal with them. I recommend Marlien to anyone who wants a better understanding of themselves! 


Marlien has a true talent for guiding you without judgement. She teaches you techniques to use when you need support. She helps you getting to the place where you believe you can do it! I experienced some real positive changes in my life. She is 100% recommended.

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